Source symbol has effects upon man and space. The bedroom is a place where people calm down and discuss past events as well as future plans. Often they relieve from destructive emotions which indirectly generate destructive emotional charge in the room. If it lasts for a longer time, the energy balance in the room gets disturbed.  Man, being in disharmony with himself, now has additional effects of the destructive energy charge in the bedroom space exerted upon him.

Source symbol establishes and maintains energy information communication of our being with reality, on both conscious and subconscious level. It works on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Man begins to establish a balance of cosmic and Earth energy. With those who are already in harmony, it awakens and strengthens a deeper level of consciousness, and helps activate personal potentials.

Along with changing of ourselves, our surroundings change as well. As we are in constant interaction with the surroundings, in this case with the bedroom, the quality of that space starts changing. The energy flow is established ensuring a healthy and harmonious stay.