Physical grounding

The grounding is a process that connects man’s body physically and directly with Earth energy. Working in nature, working with plants in the field or with trees in the forest, walking in nature, various sports and outdoor activities provide us a physical connection with the Earth, which is very important because in our body there is a large number of negatively charged electrons which balance positively charged electrons. Our body starts the process of self-healing and regeneration.

On the market there are many products that we can use for grounding ourselves in space. These are various electrically conductive sleeping pads, mats and bracelets. It is important to take into account the electrical load of your space! Once earthed in this way, the process of exchange and balance of electrons starts while our body itself becomes the receiver which attracts the electric potential of the space that has destructive effect on biochemical processes in the body.


Mental or spiritual grounding

The depth of mental grounding differs from person to person, which reflects in all segments of life. It has a vital role in the context of mental health, as well as life success in general. Our perception of the world and environment depends on it, our activities at the present moment, our confidence in life, responsibility to make our own decisions, our awareness of our own being…

For better grounding you should use our grounding pillow case. This method represents a safe and natural connection with the Earth energy.

Important for man is both the physical grounding as well as mental or spiritual grounding, that are interactively generated and maintained.