Custom grounding pillow case – source symbol Door of Life



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The cosmic tree – Door of Life originates from close connection with maple tree, which represents power, endurance, strength, love and rebirth.

The source symbol which activates and strengthens the life energy within us has been created through intuitive painting.  Universal life energy enters our body through the point located two fingers below the navel. This point is called hara – chi hai (sea power) – or the door of life. The space that supplies power through the first three chakras to all other chakras is deeply rooted.  So it keeps the entire human physical-energy system in balance. Activation of the hare in us awakens inner instinct and intuition. The consciousness returns from head to the belly. We undergo a transition from the analytical mind into the spontaneous acting, where we use our skills in practice without having to think about them. Open hara means good energy flow, which leads us beyond the limitations of the mind patterns, analyzing… through the heart.

Custom grounding pillow case – HOW TO USE?

Lie down on the grounding pillow case. Consciously relax all physical tension and calm your mind. For the fastest connection with the source symbol, just turn your attention on it for a short time. You can feel the present moment and oneness. They usually occur pleasant tingling and energy flowing on the body, which quickly seduced us into a deep sleep.

Source symbol shall establish and maintain energy information and communication to be our creation on conscious and unconscious levels. It works on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. In man, begin to establish a balance of cosmic and earth energy. For those who are already in harmony, it awakens and strengthens even deeper level of awareness, and helps activate personal potential.

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