Grounding pillow case – Source symbol Mother



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The cosmic tree – Mother originates from close connection with the linden tree, which represents the sacred tree, the tree of health, courage and openness. With its mightiness, its roots show a strong attachment to the Earth, and its crown shows aspiration towards the Sky. As it grows older, it reminds of timelessness, symbolizing eternity.

The source symbol acts with its energy upon the heart chakra and represents a pure love frequency. It derives from our heart chakra which is the core and the centre of the flow of energy. It travels from the Earth upwards our body, as three chakras below this one, connect the man with his material gender, and three chakras above are connected with man’s spiritual sphere.

Each symbol has its own story and its specific effects. However, it has different effects upon individuals, because people are unique beings, capable of attracting from the cosmos all that is good for them to realize their own mission.



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