Grounding pillow case – Source symbol of butterfly consciousness


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It originates from close connection with the walnut tree, where the walnut fruit represents the head. The external green coating represents skin on the head, the hard shell represents the skull, whereas the internal kernel is the human brain.

Through the intuitive painting, a butterfly has been developed, representing freedom of consciousness, limitlessness as well as relaxation of the head and brain. It causes the change of our consciousness, through which we can judge with intuition, clairvoyance, clairhearance and focus on authenticity of the here and now. It brings us calmness, confidence in ourselves and in the world… It works on the front chakra, which is the spiritual centre, and allows us to focus and raise our consciousness.

It also works on eyes, ears, nose, brain, pituitary gland, as well as on endocrine and nervous system. It is designed for all people who have problems with concentration, depression and a sense of aimlessness, eyesight and hearing, as well as various frustrations and fears, headache…

Each symbol has its own story and its specific effects. However, it has different effects upon individuals, because people are unique beings, capable of attracting from the cosmos all that is good for them to realize their own mission.



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