Source symbol selection instructions


Behind each of the six identical circles around the mandala soul compass, there is a specific source symbol. Trust yourself. The selection takes place on subconscious level. Your real self will choose for you.


  1. Just find the right time to have a few minutes of peace and quiet.Make yourself comfortable in front of the screen.

   2. Follow your inhalation and exhalation, which will begin to slow down.

   3. Look at the centre of the mandala and create your intention: »Show me my source symbol.« You can pronounce loudly or just in your mind.

   4. Keep looking at the centre of the mandala without any expectations and thoughts.

   5. In a short time, energy will start flowing towards a specific circle.

   6. The first decision will be your real decision.

   7. Click on the selected circle and see the source symbol, which is in sync with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.