The linen bedding is easy to maintain. New bedding needs to be pre-washed before use. The linen bedding has a long life, so with proper maintenance it can serve you for decades.


Our bedding can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. Coloured fabric at maximum of 40 °C, natural and white at not more than 60 °C. Dry cleaning is not allowed. We recommend that you wash each linen colour separately, to avoid discolouring. The bedding is made of natural material and it is in direct contact with our skin. We recommend the use of environmentally friendly detergents without bleach. Before using, detergent should be diluted with water.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is not allowed. Do not remove stains with chemical solvents.


Bleach products based on chlorine should not be used because the fabric can become yellowish or damaged. To avoid this, you should use oxygen-based bleach.


Natural fibres shrink after washing, mostly after the first and second cycle of washing and drying. We consider the anticipated percentage of shrinking and make beddings correspondingly larger.


Machine drying of beddings is not recommended except at low temperatures. If you machine dry the beddings, do not dry them completely, otherwise the fibres may be damaged. It is also not recommended to dry on the radiator or other heating body. We recommend drying in the air. Washed linen is wet and heavy, so you should not dry it on sharp edges. It dries very quickly due to its airiness.


Linen bedding creases naturally, which makes it especially lively, attractive and comfortable. However, if you prefer smooth and flat bedding surface, you can iron the bedding while still slightly wet. It can be ironed also with steam iron at medium temperature.


Clean bedding should be kept in linen, cotton or other bags made of natural materials. The room must be dry and airy. Do not keep it in a cardboard box, plastic or synthetic bag.