We produce natural bedding and other textile products exclusively according to your measurements. We produce only standard rectangular or square beddings. Beddings of round or irregular shapes are not available. We take into account the anticipated shrinkage percentage, for which reason we make the beddings larger than your measurement. The measuring unit is centimetre (cm).

To measure your bedding, you can use the drawings below.

The bedding will be cut out and made according to your measurements, so it is very important that the information you provide us is accurate.





How to measure fitted sheet

  • Measure the width of the mattress – W
  • Measure the length of the mattress – L
  • Measure the height of the mattress – H

If you are using a mattress pad, add the height of the pad to the mattress height. In this way, the fitted sheet will fit properly to your bed.





How to measure duvet cover

  • Measure the width of the duvet – W
  • Measure the length of the duvet – L




How to measure pillow case

  • Measure the width of the duvet – W
  • Measure the length of the duvet – L

Hold both edges of the pillow, and gently stretch to get its proper width, and then take the measure of the width. In the same way, take the measure of the length of the pillow. It is important to measure the pillow while the edges are slightly stretched.

This method of measurement applies to standard pillows. If you are using memory foam pillows, or anatomical pillows send us your inquiry via the contact form.





How to measure Top/Flat sheet

  • Specify the width of the flat sheets – W
  • Specify the length of the flat sheets – L

Simply specify the desired dimensions depending on the size of the bed.