We produce for you comfortable high-quality TerraSleep bedding from 100% linen fabric according to your measurements. We use the fabric supplied by the Italian manufacturer with more than 50-year tradition. It is produced in compliance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

In our online store you can assemble your bedding. Simply select the desired product, specify its measurements and chose the colour.  A special web tool will calculate directly the price of the selected product. Here you can buy individual bedding items or a complete set.

Our specialty is grounding pillow case, on which we can hand-print your preferred source symbol that was created with the aim of helping people achieve cosmic and earth energy balance. Source symbols work on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. We wish to revive the old knowledge of our ancestors in modern times.

Today, it is no longer a secret that the depth of connection of man with the energy of Earth plays a vital role not only in the context of physical and mental health, but also in the context of the life success.  Having control over self-healing processes in our physical body, gives us the feeling of belief in life flows and makes us, on the subconscious level, focus on the goals that bring success.



SOURCE SYMBOL, which is in resonance with your Being, opens the door of Earth energy.